About Villa Nostos

Spend your vacation in Mirtos, Crete, an island of history, natural beauty and hospitality!

Villa Nostos is a small family owned complex that is located on the boulevard of Mirtos, in the southeast part of the prefecture of Lassithi, Crete.
The settlement of Mirtos is a popular tourist village, with a relaxed atmosphere.

Villa Nostos comprises of 14 apartments, studios and cottages, that are rented out all year around, in the warm climate of sunny Crete.
Our goal is to provide our visitors in their every need. We want our guests to be able to sit back and relax and have the best holiday possible.

Our hostess Despina and owner of the business provides original Cretan hospitality and a genuine family environment, making it one of the favourite places to stay in Mirtos.

Prices are per apartment, cottage or studio, not per person.

The price includes

* the use of a laundromat
* sun beds and umbrellas
* Wifi (internet).






  • Additional Information


    14 februari 2016
    One of the day trips you could consider is a trip to Spinalonga. The island has been used as a leper colony.

    Local Honey

    14 februari 2016
    At Villa Nostos you can find fresh honey produced by Yannis Stabouli and his son Ilios bees .


    14 februari 2016
    The best way to explore the beautiful sceneries of Crete is something that can only truly be done on foot.
  • Bookings

    A booking will be confirmed as soon as a part of the payment has been received. Prices and bank details you will find on the accommodation page.
  • Testimonials

    Als familie Ik ben de afgelopen jaren vele malen te gast geweest bij Despina in “Villa Nostos”. Als familielid wordt je onthaald en verzorgd!   De studio’s en kamers zijn basic, maar
    Wonderful holiday Another wonderful holiday in Mirtos has ended. This was our second time on Crete, the second time in Mirtos and the second time at Villa Nostos. No better place to be if yo